The Crime Writer 3 – Cappuccino and Croissants

The next day John and Susan sat in the coffee bar opposite the offices of the Gazette. In between the coffee cups and croissant crumbs were a pile of notes. The top one being a copy taken from the diaries of Kimberley Dent.

‘She was onto something’ said Susan.

‘A crime syndicate – in Tormane! Suze, it’s unbelievable, what makes you think this isn’t one of her story ideas.’

‘Her ideas are jottings which she links up. This is an articulate piece of writing. It just doesn’t fit with her style.’

‘Ok, and yes it does seem odd she describes how the old burial mounds are being used to hide evidence – but evidence of a heist is one thing. We have bodies’

‘I know and that’s what is worrying me. What if she found out too much?’

John sipped on his cappuccino deep in thought. ‘I don’t know Suze. If Dent and those kids on the burial mound are connected, we are on to something massive. Something massive in a dozy town like Tormane – well even you have to admit it is hard to believe.’

‘I know, John, but just perhaps the very thing is that Tormane is a sleepy place and no one would think to look here’

‘Yeah you have a point’

‘So, what do we do? Should we take this to the police?

‘Yeah right and have Constable Morris laugh himself sill at us’ John said. ‘Suze, he’s a friendly copper but he is a quiet backwater copper and wouldn’t have a clue. We will need to present him with something solid, not just the ramblings of a story teller.’

‘Hmm, so what then?’

‘So, what then. Really, Suze, we do what investigative journalists do = we investigate. At least we have a head start from Miss Dent. What was that place she mentioned?’

‘Sleeping Hill Farm, it’s about 10 miles out of Tormane’

‘Oh, you checked did ya? And you are asking me what to do! We start with Sleeping Hill Farm. Time to start digging.’

They returned to the office. ‘Back copies,’ said Susan, ‘Let’s see if we have anything already that we can work with.’

A few hours later they had a small pile of copy papers about Sleepy Hill Farm and its owner Jimmy Price.

‘Go figure, it’s prize-winning cows’ said John, ‘maybe he bribed the judges, huh?’

©JG Farmer 2018

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