Choi’s Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet
Rhyme Scheme: abab bbcc cdcd dd

Example: Heat of the Moment by Jez Farmer

I need to take you in my arms tonight,
To hold you close and taste your lips on mine,
And feel your sighs entwine with my delight,
As passion wraps us up in honeyed wine.
In this embrace you know we’ll touch divine,
In just one kiss our souls will join, entwine,
Until we feel the heat of love’s wild fire,
Two roses joined at the hips of desire.
For love is the power that you inspire
In simple words, no fancy fluff or frill
One touch, your touch, is all that I require
For love to overflow and gently spill
To ease my aching senses to your will
Within my heart and soul and deeper still.