In the Beginning

I was just a teenager of 17 back then. My misspent youth was at its height. Alcohol and women were my favourite past times. Not that I had much luck with women, not until I met her. With Denise, I hit the jackpot.

At first, we would just share drinks at the various bars along the harbour walk. Then one night I asked her to dance. In a gin and tonic, I had found my courage to ask her to dance, and in a sensual movement of a night club dance floor as we danced I dared to kiss her. One thing led to another and that night I found myself in her flat, in her bedroom with this beautiful woman undressing me. Her fingers sending electricity through me as she touched my skin.

The nerves kicked back when she got to my jeans. Denise noticed, and I fully expected her to laugh at me. She didn’t. Instead, my beautiful Denise smiled, ‘don’t worry, love, I will help you.’

I needed all the help I could get, I didn’t have a clue apart from being very aware of a growing urge to be part of this beautiful woman. Denise started kissing me, her lips and fingers driving me insane until I couldn’t stand anymore, and I sunk hard on to my knees. She sat on her bed one leg either side of me lifting my chin, so I saw her smile ‘now you are ready to learn, my love’

She started to undress making me kiss her flesh as it revealed itself from beneath the fabric. My nerves soon gave way to desire as I my lips caressed her skin. As she removed her bra she lifted my hands to her breasts, so my thumbs rested gently on her nipples. Instinctively my thumbs moved slowly teasing out the piqued perfection my mouth was hungry for.

In that moment her nails clawed into my back pulling me up onto the bed, pushing me onto my back. She sat astride me, her skirt rucked up around her hips. Her nipple homed in on my mouth, and I sucked oblivious to her hands unzipping my jeans, almost tearing the fabric from my body.

My hands caressed her as my mouth teased her breasts until she pinned me down. I stared up into her eyes as her lips descended on mine. As we kissed I felt her heat absorb me, pulsating against me.

The next morning, I woke up alone in Denise’s bed, my clothes neatly folded on a chair. My clothes being my jeans and t-shirt, the rest had gone. I sat up and reached for my jeans as Denise walked through the door with two cups of coffee. So, began eighteen months of my life I can never forget, I don’t want to forget.


©JG Farmer 2018