The Right Decision


As she watched her daughter kiss her new husband Kathy felt a few tears run down her cheek. The last 20 years had given them both wonderful memories, but it had been tough. Charlie had left them both high and dry, for a new partner. Eva had been just 5 years old then.

Now Eva had met and married Shaun. Charlie, as usual, had found some excuse not to be there. There had always been some excuse why he couldn’t see his daughter over the years so neither Kathy or Eva had been surprised when he bailed out of her wedding day.

As she watched the happy couple dance that evening Kathy remembered how it could have all been so different.

She had met Tyler at a party. It had been her first time out in months as getting babysitters wasn’t easy. He had made a beeline for her from the moment he arrived. He was charming, of course, and it had been years since a man had paid Kathy a compliment. They had started to date and after a few months, she had felt it was time to introduce Eva to Tyler.

All had seemed to go well, to begin with, and Kathy knew she had fallen in love. The world was a wonderful place again. Then Tyler had dropped the bomb. He wanted to marry Kathy. He had proposed but before Kathy could answer he had said ‘I love you Kath, but I don’t want to be tied to a kid, especially not some other guy’s mistake.’

Looking back Kathy couldn’t believe it had briefly crossed her mind to desert her daughter. So, fleeting had that thought been as she faced the reality of life alone again. As her daughter smiled from the dance floor Kathy sighed, ‘I made the right choice.’

‘What choice was that. Love?’ whispered Mike, the man she had married 5 years ago.

‘To marry you, of course,’ she said with a smile.


©JG Farmer 2018

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