I awoke sprawled across some bushes. All I could feel was a deep throbbing pain in my left leg. The springy twigs held on to me like vines and I gave up trying to sit up. Instead, I rolled and landed on the cold muddy ground.

As I opened his eyes all I could see was the wreckage of the plane. I just starred trying to remember how I got here. I had vague memories of people screaming and of a lurching, plummeting feeling but little else.

I stared at the wreck in front of me. Common sense told me it was a recent crash as the remnants of the plane were shiny and erosion free even though the metal was bent and twisted.

I stood up, biting my lip against the pain. I looked down and saw my jeans were ripped and shredded and my t-shirt was just a rag clinging to my skin. The torn edges of the jeans on my left leg were stained a reddish brown and stuck to my calf. I forced myself to walk forward a few lopsided steps towards the wreckage.

Then I saw her. I saw the hostess uniform on the girl who had served me coffee. I had been on the plane. Oh my god, I had been on that plane. I guess a combination of pain and shock knocked me back down on to the ground. The memory movie had started to run in my head.

There had been a cracking sound and then silence as we had lurched downward. Passengers were screaming. I was just returning from the bathroom and had fallen into a gap by one of the passenger doors. The whistling sound had been deafening but I couldn’t get up. I must have passed out there as the next thing I remember was waking up in the bushes. Somehow, I had been flung out, maybe by the impact.

Now surrounded by an eerie silence I felt very alone. I started calling out ‘Can anyone hear me? Is anyone alive?’ I called again and again for what seemed like hours, my guess it was only a few minutes before I passed out again.

This time when I woke up I could hear voices. ‘I swear I heard someone shouting’

‘No way, they are all dead, John.’

I pushed up on my arms and shouted ‘hey, hey! Over here!’

‘See I told you, Mack. I hear ya, son, keep shouting.’

I called again.

‘We are coming, son?’ Keep calling!’

And so, the exchanges kept on until through some trees two guys appeared. ‘Hey, hey! I’m here!’

The guys ran over. ‘It’s ok, son, we will get you safe.’


©JG Farmer 2018

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