Do You Really?


You tell me you understand
but do you
do you really?
Do you know what it’s like to be stared at
by eyes wondering
‘is that a boy or a girl?’
I am not a that I am me
a person with feelings
feelings that burn
when they dehumanize me with that
you think you understand what it’s like
you know what it must feel like
to go in the men’s room and get told
‘love, you got the wrong room’
but the women don’t want me in theirs
so, where do I pee?
You think you know the pain
of binding down those things that don’t belong
when even breathing is agony
just so I could taste liberty and be me
being called the wrong name
to avoid the shame of the identity of me
to hide away so no one sees the confusion
because when you are open
the world condemns and hates you
don’t tell me you understand that
when I know you don’t!


© JG Farmer 2018
Form: Free Verse

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