Love Is…


Prompt: First Love Songs

I think I pretty much covered that in a previous post. Instead, I am going to list some love songs that I love.

The first song is ‘Will You? by Hazel O’Connor from an iconic movie in my teens, Breaking Glass. I still spill my tea if the love nerves get to me. This song really says it all on my self-doubt when it comes to love and intimacy.

Sticking with movies the next song is Hopelessly Devoted to You from the movie Grease and sung by Olivia Newton-John. I no longer keep it a secret the only reason I watched Grease was Olivia.

Justin Heyward’s voice is like the caress of suede in Forever Autumn from War of the Worlds, and equally captures the pain of love.

Staying with the pain of love, my next song reflects on how love can seem to demand the impossible. Simon and Garfunkel nail it with their rendition of Scarborough Fair.


Another song from a movie. I read Watership Down 25 years ago, and it sparked my interest in a different way of believing. From that to a full-on Pagan and practicing witch I have never looked back. So, back to Art Garfunkel and Bright Eyes is my love of my deities.

And to close it’s Simon and Garfunkel again with Bye Bye Love, simply because I love it.


©JG Farmer 2018

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