I’ve Got a Golden Ticket by Roald Dahl

I never thought my life could be Anything but catastrophe But suddenly I begin to see A bit of good luck for me 'Cause I've got a golden ticket I've got a golden twinkle in my eye I never had a chance to shine Never a happy song to sing But suddenly half the world … Continue reading I’ve Got a Golden Ticket by Roald Dahl


Shirt Buttons

I watch your fingers dance on pearly white Then smile as you unbutton my shirt; tight I hold you close as your breath plays my skin And you tug ‘til cotton drapes on the floor And closer, I hold you, my desire within The guilty want of your body neath mine I keep my vow, … Continue reading Shirt Buttons

La Follia

  https://youtu.be/VHRdFILo_Yw  Title: La Follia Date: 1700 Composer: Arcangelo Corelli Movement: Baroque Italian 1653 - 1713 Arcangelo Corelli was an Italian violinist and composer. He studied under Giovanni Battista Bassani and Matteo Simonelli. Corelli’s first major success was at the age of 19 in Paris. By 1679 he had entered the service of Queen Christina … Continue reading La Follia

Colours of Life

Dark clouds of pain make it so hard to see The colours of what is going to be We dwell and mope in dull and aching grey With eyes closed: not daring to look ahead As if in the sadness we want to stay To leave tomorrow’s beauty far behind As if the future has … Continue reading Colours of Life

The Bourgeois Touch

Celebrating joys of romance A touch bourgeois And the poet writes in freelance Ah nah aha The laughter that they share after A touch bourgeois The dreams of love found in laughter Ah nah aha   © JG Farmer 2018 Form: Sneadhbhairdne

The Journey

His legs were ravaged by pain and the blisters on his feet had long since burst into blood sores. The hours of walking were taking its toll on Luke’s body, but he had to keep going. He had to get home. For Luke it felt like it had been years since he had been home. … Continue reading The Journey

Electric Light Orchestra: Don’t Bring Me Down

  https://youtu.be/KYh7PwDo3Iw The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) formed in Birmingham, UK in 1970. The fusion of Beatlesque pop, classical orchestration and futuristic iconography characterised their music. In their first 14 years, they sold over 50 million records worldwide and collected numerous awards. ELO still holds the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 top 40 … Continue reading Electric Light Orchestra: Don’t Bring Me Down

The Rush

Adenosine is looking for a mate But it won’t lead to love on a hot date With the drowsy chill zone getting it on And senses seem dull with thoughts all confused Unable to wake up enough as one The poet unable to write his words Let alone think a line is set out straight … Continue reading The Rush

Autumn’s Song

The sweet perfection of nature held within an acorn’s dark shiny shell marking the end of seasons with the promise of rebirth in the harvest a gathering of sustenance survival and new life gathered in the bread of hope the future of destiny in the circle that never ends © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free … Continue reading Autumn’s Song

The Crossing – Gai

Since our arrival Gai’s half-starved body had gained weight. He was now tall and muscular in physique, standing just short of six feet. The asylum officials had assigned him to work as a labourer at a recycling centre. The manual nature of his work had toned his body to a defined tightness that rippled every … Continue reading The Crossing – Gai

Spring in the Country

Title: Spring in the Country Date: 1941 Movement: Regionalism Artist: Grant Wood American 1891 – 1942 Grant DeVoison Wood was best known for his paintings depicting the rural American Midwest. He enrolled in the Handicraft Guild (now a prominent artist collective) in 1910. Between 1922 and 1928 Wood travelled to Europe to study impressionism and … Continue reading Spring in the Country

Succubae Touch

Emotions drained from veins like crimson blood Then leave the soul to drown in poisoned mud Old feelings of hunger, the sensual want And cravings yearn for the succubae touch Inscribed like ink stains in emptiness’ font As flowing silk concealed the pain of love With sedated thoughts refusing to feel Her twisted blades flailing … Continue reading Succubae Touch

Kicking Ass

Prompt: The last song you heard Today’s prompt is an easy one as it is still before 9am and I don’t have the radio on. That means the last song I have heard is the one I use for my alarm sound. I chose it because it is loud, it is anthemic and rebellious and … Continue reading Kicking Ass

The Deal

Roberto stood in the bedroom of his penthouse apartment and glanced once again into the mirror. Staring back at him was the reflection of a gentleman in full morning suit, a man about to be married, a man in love. Did he look like a man in love? Along the corridor, Roberto could hear his … Continue reading The Deal

Well-fitted Glove

Where does real love begin if not with self When others speak of their fortune and wealth In flashing cash and denying nature To buy emotions and then call it love And degradation becomes their rapture For love is not a thing money can buy Nor can love be paid by a credit card The … Continue reading Well-fitted Glove

Clare’s Sonnet

Created by: John Clare Meter: Any Structure: Quatorzain of couplets Rhyme Scheme: aabbccddeeffgg Example: Line by Line by Jez Farmer The soft touch of her lover’s lips On her skin his tongue slowly skips His hunger, her passion as one Defining love’s erotic fun Without words, with a metered beat Their verse inscribed in sexual … Continue reading Clare’s Sonnet


After a week of living with Loban and Arina, or it may have been a little more than that as the days of living in their idyllic home seemed to blend in and out of each other, officials from the asylum centre visited us. A mass of papers had to be filled in to apply … Continue reading Happiness


https://youtu.be/JSAd3NpDi6Q Title: Sarabande Date: Between 1703 and 1706 Composer: George Frideric Handel Movement: Baroque German 1685 - 1759 George Frideric Handel was a baroque composer born in Germany but spent most pf his career in London. He was well known for his operas, oratorios and organ concertos. When he died in 1759 he was given … Continue reading Sarabande


Gaze upon her static ecstatic face Her beauty held within eternal grace While stony smiles deliver empty cheer So silky smooth it brings a sensual death As feelings shed another marble tear For all that’s gone into memories past Of times when she would dance a lover’s dream When suitors stood in line before they … Continue reading Marmoreal


Within pleasure the essence of pain stirs an awakening the knowing love will hurt too much but I want you so, I endure the pain as it plunders my senses until I want so much and I can’t instead my thoughts drift to a different dimension an out of body transition so, I can fulfil … Continue reading Atrophy

The Camera

Another lazy Sunday morning with Diane and I was barely awake before she was sliding back the bed sheets, so she could slide her lips over my dick. She could do what she liked with me and she knew it. From the day we had met she had targeted me. Her voracious eyes flirted with … Continue reading The Camera

Old Tom

Old Tom is sitting on the river bank His eyes watching the line where the hook sank While I stumbled in tying the simplest knot His patient fingers then showed me again As we talked of things I learned a lot When we just sat there quiet setting bait And I’d watch his grace when … Continue reading Old Tom

Overheard Words

Oh, she said she heard me say it, but how Vestiges of words said before she knew Each time I ask her just how she could know Reasoned replies are now long overdue How? By listening to a private call Echoes heard in a one-sided debate And I felt my privacy start to fall Really, … Continue reading Overheard Words

Shadow of Darkness

Alone in darkness where he comes to think The thoughts that echo in writer’s ink A shattered heart no longer feels desire Human wantings are not a poet’s rhyme For his fingers burned within passion’s fire As once too much he sought a lover’s touch And he drowned again in her empty eyes His words … Continue reading Shadow of Darkness

Before a Thunderstorm

Title: Before a Thunderstorm Date: 1868 Movement: Realism Artist: Fyodor Vasilyev Russian 1850 – 1873 Fyodor Vasilyev Fyodor Alexandrovich Vasilyev was a landscape artist who introduced a lyrical style to Russian art. He was considered an illegitimate child even though his parents married when was four years old. He had to earn a living from … Continue reading Before a Thunderstorm


Texte: Propping darkness up to the silence – Paul Zimmer All things must end so they may come again The moment of sunshine, a dance in rain In shadows of existence we called love Caressing dreams, kissing another ghost Silently watching mortal tears drift off Before enough time can set our love free For love … Continue reading Unbreakable

Bang a Gong

Prompt: Songs by your Favourite Band Wow, this could be the world’s longest post, it’s not going to be. My music taste is eclectic and depends on my mood. I am old enough to have many favourites but will stick to one, but who to chose out of the many. I will have to use … Continue reading Bang a Gong

Hui’s Tale

The Spirit of Naga, the mother of rabbits, had been a distant mystery since any living rabbit could remember. Even Old Mingzhi, the oldest and wisest rabbit in the warren could only tell the stories. Diandian, a young buck yearling loved spending the twilight hours listen to Mingzhi’s tales. One evening Diandian and several young … Continue reading Hui’s Tale


Too much hurt held secret, he dared not speak Each grating breath left him silent and weak The rise in tension hearing her tears cry She scraped and grazed her flesh to draw his blood More callous words then left alone to die Her voice still chocking identity’s name This secret hurt a self-destructive life … Continue reading Release


The nights alone as I lay thinking of you as I lay in the cool darkness the images of memory cascade through my mind through my spine through my heart my eyes obsessed by the beauty revealed in a lover’s kiss that delves into the senses without physical touch into the emptiness that feels no … Continue reading Grey


One bell is tolling loud across the air Another soul lies lost with none to care The spirit cast to hell by pious lies With inner flames doused with those words of shame And sparks of truth have learned to hide from eyes No chance of glory when life’s damned by fate Slow burning embers … Continue reading Wings