The Camera


Another lazy Sunday morning with Diane and I was barely awake before she was sliding back the bed sheets, so she could slide her lips over my dick. She could do what she liked with me and she knew it.

From the day we had met she had targeted me. Her voracious eyes flirted with mine, then the soft sensual whispers and just months later here we were. The hot cougar playing with her toy, her mouth teasing my manhood into a stiff erection.

She stopped and looked at me with those ‘please me baby’ eyes. ‘Let’s do something different’ she said with a deep sultry purr.

‘Sure honey, anything you want’

She reached for her camera ‘I want pictures of you.’ She started clicking, making me pose like a diva on the bed holding my dick. ‘That’s right play with it for me, baby’

I hated having my picture taken but this was Diane, my Diane. So, I did as she asked. What harm could it do? She was enjoying herself. She took some more shots then pushed me back on to the bed. Sitting astride me I could feel her body swallowing me. The sex was savage and brutal, her nails tearing my skin as she thrust up and down. I could see her smile as she knew I was in pain yet engorged with the pleasure of her body.

Diane lifted herself off me and I thought I was going to explode. She picked up another camera. Then instructed me to finish what she had started as she took pictures. I could hear her camera clicking as I ejaculated and felt my energy drain. And click the camera took that last shot.

Now I watch her from behind the glass as she toys with another victim, ensnaring their desire until she has them eating out of her hand. Then she brings out the cameras that imprison her victims to keep us all behind glass, the souvenirs of a huntress.


©JG Farmer 2018

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