The Deal


Roberto stood in the bedroom of his penthouse apartment and glanced once again into the mirror. Staring back at him was the reflection of a gentleman in full morning suit, a man about to be married, a man in love. Did he look like a man in love?

Along the corridor, Roberto could hear his mother fussing over his father and brother. He could even picture her brushing invisible specks of dust off a shoulder. Soon enough she would be doing the same to him, her eldest boy.

When he had announced his intent to marry Jennifer his mother had been none too pleased. No woman was ever going to be good enough for her sons, least of all a woman who had no family connections. She was a proud woman, devoted to her family. Family is all that mattered. She had married the son of her a second cousin, Roberto’s father, more than 30 years ago.

‘What do you know about this girl, what of her family?’ she had grilled Roberto on more than one occasion. Roberto had explained, on more than one occasion, Jennifer was the daughter of a New York business magnet and worked in her father’s company. ‘A working woman? My son is marrying a working woman, the shame of it.’

Nonetheless, Roberto had stuck to his guns, and today he was marrying Jennifer. He was letting his family believe he was marrying for love, but the stakes were higher than that. If he didn’t marry Jennifer the family business had no chance it was about to be targeted by the Stallion Group, owned by Jennifer’s father.

Instead of a takeover, the family businesses would merge and, upon saying his vows, he would be a powerful and rich man. Roberto smiled as he turned from the mirror to leave the room, he was ready to face his mother’s fussing. He was a man in love, but not with Jennifer.


©JG Farmer 2018

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