Brief Glances

Raven's Quill

I’m quite a reserved guy, the type that goes to the gym when its quiet. On the odd occasion there would be one or two other guys in the changing room but today it was crowded, a heaving mass of masculinity. Maybe I should have given up then, but instead I took a deep breath and found a space to get changed into my kit.

No issues, of course, just my nerves niggling at me. After my session on the weights I was feeling pleased with myself. It had been a good circuit. Back in the changing room things had thankfully quietened down and there was just one other guy.

I grabbed my towel and went for a shower. The warm water was rinsing the lather from my skin when I noticed him stood there watching me. I said nothing and quickly left wrapping my towel round me.

Nothing else happened but all day I could feel his eyes looking at me. I could see his dark hazel eyes glinting as they looked me up and down. Each time my mind pushed the scene a little further until I could feel his hands pushing back against the cold tiles as lips claimed mine. Ridiculous I know, so I pushed it to the back of mind

On my next visit to the gym it was just me in the changing room. My session was going well when I heard someone say, ‘Good you came back.’ I looked across and there was the guy. I nodded and got on with my session.

Back in the changing rooms I was just pulling on my jeans when he walked in. He looked at me and I at him. ‘I’m sorry if I spooked you last time’

‘Not at all, mate.’ I said. Well what else could I say. Certainly not that for the rest of that day he had been all I could think about.


©JG Farmer 2018

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