Long Time No Hear

Five minutes

Prompt: Songs you love but rarely listen to

There are far too many of these to post a complete listing so will go with the few I have had the pleasure of listening to today as I made notes for this write.

I am starting with Transvision Vamp and Baby, I Don’t Care as it is a song that as echoed in the background when things have got difficult and it has felt the entire world and his tribe have been against me and letting out that open scream releases so much stress.

There was a time I couldn’t play Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins enough. I still have that personal space that would be my echo beach, I have never taken anyone there and never will, it is my own and it is not an actual beach. I’m in a good place in life right now, so my echo beach does seem far away.

I love rock music and consider the next track to be one of my anthems. I need to play Freebird by Lynyrd Skynrd more often. Man, what an orgasmic guitar solo

To close I have chosen a classical piece as I can’t play it loud enough so tend not to. Well I can but I do have neighbours – oh whatever here goes surround sound on. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 with cannons. Yes, I might have to apologise to my neighbours = or just say refer to the first track on this post – ha ha!!


©JG Farmer 2018

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