Night Shift

Raven's Quill

Wide awake beneath a black ink sky
only thoughts for company
sharing bittersweet sips of coffee
feeding the words in spiralling strokes
on the page
thriving in the creative pool
oxymorons play with juxtapositions
conflicting ideas united in device and
the pen throws in a delicate
pause whispered in the night
as the synonyms and antonyms
make love in passionate apathy
the poet smiles
the knowing smile that speaks regret
regret coming as the sunrises
damn you sweet insomnia

The clock is ticking marking time
It’s setting rhythms to my rhyme
A tick, a tock and I can’t sleep
So slowly passing time; I weep
While making coffee for my cup
The voices asking what is up
My juices are flowing tonight
I don’t want sleep I want to write

Nothing is wrong
I am not sick
I am not ill
I am not losing it
It’s the pen and me doing our thing
and I’m feeling alive
with music pumping
my soul is dancing
and my ink is jumping
using the empty page as a stage
as the world sleeps
love and desire
rage and anger
the players performing
in this one-time only performance
of beautiful insomnia

© JG Farmer 2018
Form: Free Verse