Constellation Sonnet


Created by: Terry Clitheroe
Meter: Decasyllabic or Pentameter
Structure: Two quintains and a quatrain
Rhyme Scheme: ababa ababa cdcd
Example: Metaphysical Dreams by Jez Farmer

A stairway that leads away from this place
Where two lovers can dance among the stars
Their desires meet as one in time and space
As destiny unites Venus and Mars
A sacred place held in the moon’s embrace
The stars shall witness as I kiss your face
As she blesses a passion such as ours
Our love sanctified by her lunar grace
For fate is sealed in those ancient memoirs
Metaphysical dreams with no trace
Untouched by humanity’s evil hand
And like a god I call my goddess near
To be mine as the old ones always planned
Join me now, my love, in another sphere