Magic 9


The Magic 9 is said to have been created by a typing mistake on the word ‘Abracadabra’ and given my initial typing misspelt it I can quite believe that too. The form is a simple progression stanza around the first line with lines 2 and 8 also rhyming with each other. There is no limit to the number of stanzas.

The rhyme scheme is as follows abacadaba. I am not sure if there is a formal line length but given it is called the Magic 9, no doubt because it has nine lines, I tend to use a 9-syllable line length.
Example Purple Dawn by Jez Farmer

Shadows of deepest night invade dreams
Take no respect for the sleeping eyes
As they fill the mind with haunted screams
Reliving the thoughts of yesterday
Vagrant memories too real it seems
When echoed again in realms of sleep
Skeletons of time in silver beams
As they dance across the midnight skies
Call upon the mind’s own dark extremes.

The nightmares of pain that never fade
When agonies of thinking begin
Make sleeping a chore that’s left unpaid
While the body shakes over again
Until the comfort of purple shade
Embraces the soul in the waking dawn
No more is the heart beating afraid
And stolen warmth returns to the skin
For dreams no longer cut like a blade

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