Protest for Love

Raven's Quill

Lloyd and Kim had been dating for several months now and tonight he was going to ask her about Africa. Kim was different from the others. They had met at a political rally, protesting the heinous acts of some government or other.

Lloyd was a wealthy man with a deep social conscience. He had grown tired of the socialite dating scene with his companion only interested in the contents of his wallet. He wanted more than that. He wanted a woman who cared about the world.

Kim cared about the world around her. She worked hard to bring comfort to those in need. Their first date had been manning a food wagon to get supplies out to the homeless. It had been a bitter night, but she was determined to get the van round. They had ended up at burger joint drinking coffee and eating burgers.

They had talked about the African Project. They had talked about that a lot over the months. They had talked about the Gambia where Kim’s family originated from, how she longed to go there but would never be able to afford it.

Lloyd was nervous but when Kim appeared in her usual jeans and a t-shirt he knew. This was a woman who didn’t think twice about giving what little she had to others and doing without herself. As she slipped in beside Lloyd in his Mercedes she teased him about being a spoilt rich kid.

‘But it really does amaze me’ she said ‘you were born with the silver spoon, but you get out there working with me. I love that about you.’

‘Money don’t do any good if it’s stuck in a bank.’

‘Where are we going anyway?’

‘To a pub up on the river, if that’s ok? It’s quiet and I have something to talk to you about?’

‘Ok, just don’t be going down on one knee and producing the mother of all diamonds that you know I will never wear.’

‘As if I would’ Lloyd said, laughing. ‘A small ruby with a diamond either side maybe.’

‘Well, I now know you listen when I am wittering on’


Arriving at the pub the fading light created the perfect atmosphere. ‘My round’ said Kim and Lloyd stepped aside and went to find a table. Kim joined him a few minutes later with two pints of cold beer.

‘So what this important thing you want to talk about?’

Lloyd placed a small box in front of Kim, ‘You guessed that bit already.’

Kim opened the box and stared at the delicate ruby and diamond ring. ‘Are you serious, Lloyd? You want to marry me?’

‘Yes, Kim I do, do you?’

‘Yes, oh my god yes!’

Lloyd slipped the ring on her finger. Kim reached over to kiss him and said, ‘what’s the bit I didn’t guess then?’

‘How would three months working in the Gambia for Project Africa do as a honeymoon?’


©JG Farmer 2018

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