Luc Bat

Luc Bat translates to six eight and that is reflected in the 6868… syllable counts of the lines.

Lines 1,3,5 and so on are all 6 syllables and lines 2,4,6 and so on are 8. The rhyme scheme is easy to remember too. The last syllable of an odd line rhymes with the 6th syllable of the next 8 syllable line, The last syllable of an even line rhymes with the 6th syllable of the next odd line. The final line should be an even line of 8 syllables with 8th syllable linking back to the first line. There is no limit in the number of lines but over an 8-line poem the following format would apply


Example: Thoughts at Sea by Jez Farmer

To gaze upon the sea,
All emotions float free away,
In the tidal affray,
White horses roll and play each night,
As dreams, again take flight,
Making love, taking fright and lo!
Refreshing tidal flow,
Reveals what is to know and more,
Embracing the sea shore,
Destiny comes before the eye,
Looking towards the sky
Where new horizons lie and wait,
Here I accept my fate,
Destiny shall create a new,
As waves rolled and winds blew,
In this place where once you loved me