Octaves are widely known in their strict forms of variant metered rhyme schemas. However, they can also be eight-line stanzas that use one or more alternative poetic devices such as: syllable count, internal rhyme, a couplet in each stanza, meter and so on.

For my example I have worked in Iambic Diameter, any rhymes are incidental.

Example: The Chair by Jez Farmer

The chair just sits
So empty now
And loneliness
Is lost in grief
The tears I cry
For me, not you
The emptiness
Of letting go

I held your hand
And begged the pain
To set you free
To fly among
The stars above
I did not think
I’d feel alone
But for that chair

I cannot hear
You laugh at me
Or feel your lips
So softly kiss
My skin each night
Recalling all
Whene’er I see
Your empty chair

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