These Are a Few of my Favourite Songs

Five minutes

Prompt: Your Favourite Song

I challenge anyone to nominate just one song. So, instead, I have decided to go with a few of my faves from different areas of music.

As the title suggests I like musicals a bit. No, not Julie Andrews. No. not the Sound of Music. I am torn between Chicago and Phantom of the Opera, and it ended in a coin toss for Phantom of the Opera. The title track speaks to the darker side of me and I love it.

I love dance, especially the ballet so the next piece is from Swan Lake.

Staying with classics am going to head to the opera for the next piece. Naturally, I am going for Pavarotti and Verdi. From the opera Rigoletto, La Donna È Mobile

I can’t leave out my love of metal and will change gear with a bit of American metal and Manowar’s Warriors of the World

Was that gentle enough to bridge the gap? Oh well getting serious now with melodic metal and Parasite Inc with Once and for All

Odd for me as I haven’t included Maiden as I am project-working them. I will, however, close with Nightwish and the fabulous I Wish I Had an Angel