My Dying Day

Raven's Quill

The ambulance arrived too late today,
Nothing could save me from the reaper’s hand.
The time to pass into the spirit’s way,
A new beginning, a different land.
The car didn’t stop, it went right through me,
No pain, just a thud, then I saw you there.
The fear is cold, but I know I am free,
At last the torture I no longer bear.
My loves, so many, they have left and gone,
No ties keep me in mortality’s realm.
The blood, sweat, and tears of my life are done,
The ethereal changes do overwhelm.
My dying day was like any other,
At last, rejoined with my spirit brother

©JG Farmer 2008
Form: English Shakespearian Sonnet

2 thoughts on “My Dying Day

    1. Thank you, this is a very old write and written at a time a part of me was coming to an end. Not that I knew what that would mean back then so it is, for me quite interesting to look back on these old ones.


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