Short Particular Measure

Short Particular Measure is a stanza form with each stanza consisting of six lines. Lines 1, 2, 4 and 5 are trimeter or six syllables and lines 3 and 6 are tetrameter or eight syllables in length. The rhyme scheme is aabaab

Example: The Beautiful Mind by Jez Farmer
You insist I am straight
Sorry that’s not my fate
That label can’t define the man
It isn’t for debate
Opinions inflate
And I whisper, ‘no I am Pan’

Love is much more than that
At least from where I’m sat
Love is beyond female and male
But few understand that
They see sex in format
Because sex is their holy grail

My eyes don’t look with lust
The physical is dust
Compared to a beautiful mind
For my senses combust
With thoughts embraced by trust
Bring the wonder of love defined

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