Five minutes


Prompt: A song you cannot stand to listen too

As my taste in music is very eclectic this is actually a very hard one to come up with. There are songs and pieces I hate but I can listen to them or have them on in the background and tune them out, but a piece I can’t stand listening too – owww! Advert jingles piss me off, but they are short and, in the end, pay for the radio stations I listen to, so really can’t use them. I have always hated cheesy chav songs that invade the pop charts and keep decent music off the top spot, so I am going to go with that awful Shaddap You Face by Joe Dolce. I suggest turning the volume down or even off for this one as it really is total bollox.

That utter crock of shyte kept the fabulous Vienna by Ultravox from the #1 spot because cheese-loving chavs on holiday bought it – there is a reason I hate dumbasses, and this is it. Well fuck them, here is Vienna, a song worth turning the volume up for, to sooth the real music lovers and improve this post to half decent. Sorry guys, Joe must stay but do what I did and scroll past it.

I know, just how did Joe keep that from #1… really? I blame Mike Reid who turned Radio One into chav music central. The man really had an issue with good music in that he didn’t recognise it even if it slapped him around the chops.

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