Acrostic Poetry

Acrostic poetry is a short autonomous verse constructed by a placing capitalised word or phrase vertically down the page to form the initial letters of each line of poetry. Each line is used to relate to the word or praise the subject.

Acrostic poetry can be used with various other poetic forms that fit with the chosen word or phrase. In my example, I used the sonnet form.

Example: Passion and Love by Jez Farmer

Powerful love embraces deep inside
A heart; and the mind surrenders to it
Sad doubts fade washed out by the turning tide
Swept away as feelings and words admit
It is love that makes the heart sing desire
Old tunes of wanting that grows by the day
Needing the only one who sparked that fire
Arousing senses into disarray
No rose hued shades deny depth of feelings
Driving onward to reach this love again
Lingering in the bliss of its healing
Organic and sweet as the summer rain
Verses of rhyme cannot hold it within
Echoing what lies deep beneath the skin

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