Three Things

Prompt: Three things you like about yourself

I am great at saying one should love self as it is empowering to the self-esteem. This is one of those areas I am not so great at practicing what I preach, in fact, it could be said I am well crap at it.

However there are a couple of things I like having in me. I love creativity and my passion for the creative arts. I am lucky to have made it part of my professional life and not just a hobby as I can truly say even when its challenging me or I am feeling frustrated I am enjoying what I do. That is a very precious thing.

Secondly, I like my ability to connect with nature. This can be through meditation, spiritual practice or just going for a walk and feeling the pulse of Mother Earth around me. I have missed my walks over the last few months and in some ways have felt a little disconnected from the seasonal progression. It is all very well knowing winter follows autumn but not being able to get out there and be a part of it has been irritating.

And a third thing at this time would have to be the keep at it attitude. That is something I have relied on since September, it has paid off and is still paying off.

That is my three things, and I’m not sure it is what I am supposed to like or dislike about self but hey, I do things my own way.

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