When Eyes Meet

Across the crowded dance floor, I saw her. Her soft blonde hair cascading in loose curls over her shoulders. Her sparkling eyes staring into the darkness of the room. Her lips curling softly under the ruby gloss.

She was alone as she approached the bar and being a gentleman, I offered her a drink. I watched as her red lips sipped from the glass of wine. I could smell the intoxicating scent of her perfume and avoided the liquid blue of her eyes, I didn’t want to look into her just yet, later maybe.

We chatted casually as we drank, and one drink led to another. I asked her to dance and led her on to the dance floor to guide her in the throbbing beat of the music. All the while avoiding intense eye contact.

A few more drinks and a dance or two later the evening was quietening, and I stared into her eyes. I hungered to taste her lips, to feel her sighs tickle the back of my throat as my fingers teased her. I lusted for the look in her eyes as it changed from passionate want to pain and fear as my teasing fingers intensified to tearing her skin and flesh while droplets of her blood trailed from my mouth.

Hand in hand we walked to my home, and as the door closed, I kissed her. Yes, this one was ripe for the kill.

©JG Farmer 2019

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