Reflections of Helena

I will never forget the beauty of that night. As the sunlight was fading and Helena sat there, her luxurious hair dressed in shining auburn curls as soft as silk. Delicate white flowers interwoven with her tresses seemed to surrender to her loveliness. Then as she stood, I caught the sparkle of her green eyes reflecting the emeralds that reclined on her skin. As she stood the combination of satin and taffeta that created Helena’s ivory gown rustled and whispered into position.

Helena, she was my perfection. From girl to woman I had watched her grow, always showing her the natural clarity of her beauty.

That night my Helena stepped out into society. She returned bubbling with excitement exploding the details of the night as she prepared for bed. She danced in her white nightgown as if enacting the moment in case she would forget it.

That night was just the beginning of her life as a socialite. A butterfly in flight to delight all that saw her fly. She delighted in the adulation, dancing at every opportunity. Each night I would see her become the gowned and jewelled beauty. And each night I would watch her relive the details as she dressed for bed.

Helena, my beautiful butterfly waiting for a man to catch her. In time one did, and I saw the love glisten in her emerald eyes. I knew then this day would come. Today, my Helena sat in front of me for the last time. Her dress once more a gown of ivory white. A simple pendant resting on her skin. Her hair was dressed behind a net of ivory. As always, my beautiful Helena.

I wanted to tell her how beautiful she is and how much I have loved and always will love her. Instead, all I can do is reflect what I see.

©JG Farmer 2019

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