The Choka, also know as the long poem is the most intricate of the Japanese forms consisting of a series of Katuata joined together. This gives the poet a choice of format in the syllabic lines of 5-7-7-5-7-7 and so on or 5-7-5-5-7-5 and so on. Indeed, the two formats could be combined. There is no limit in poem length or if the poem is broken into stanzas.

Example Choka by Jez Farmer

Vision of beauty
Enticing my eyes to see
Beyond my mind’s memory
Words of poetry
Echo to my eager ears
While you read to touch my soul
Fingertips embraced
Awakening lost senses
And my numbed heart feels again
Sweet Cherished Beloved
Drawing me inward to you
Teaching me to love once more

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