Afternoon by Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker

When I am old, and comforted
And done with this desire
With Memory to share my bed
And Peace to share my fire

I’ll comb my hair in scalloped bands
Beneath my laundered cap
And watch my cool and fragile hands
Lie light upon my lap

And I will have a sprigged gown
With lace to kiss my throat
I’ll draw my curtain to the town
And hum a purring note

And I’ll forget the way of tears
And rock, and stir my tea
But oh, I wish those blessed years
Were further than they be!

Poet: Dorothy Parker
1893 – 1967

Dorothy Parker, nee Rothschild, was a poet, writer, critic, and satirist. She is best known for sharp wit, particularly the 20th C urban foibles. Despite a problematic and unhappy childhood, she rose to high acclaim both for her literary output and as a founder of the Algonquin Round Table.