State of Independence

Prompt: What are your best traits?

This is never an easy question to answer, in my opinion, and probably easier for other people looking in to answer. Anyway, I will give it a go.

One of my key strengths is determination and I like that a lot. If I set my mind to do something, I go for it, even if it involves swerving around the blocks that get put in my way. It is that determination that gave me the ability to fight through the last 10 years to become the man I am today. It has involved a lot of swerving to get to this point and I have no doubt there’s more to come.

Along with determination, there is patience. Nothing worthwhile happens instantly and if something is truly worthwhile it is worth waiting for. No ambition just happens, we have to work for it. I am not saying I don’t get frustrated, I do. However, frustration can be a powerful tool in developing the foundations and steps to the end-result making that self stronger and more resilient in the process.

I like my independence, and that grows stronger as I get older. I guess that has been learned the hard way through the university of hard knocks. The lessons may have hurt me at the time, but I have learned to depend on myself and not rely on anyone else to be there when life isn’t going so well. The truth is most people are only with you when the good times roll and disappear as soon as the going gets rough. Accepting that can only strengthen me.

And amazingly that is five minutes up.

©JG Farmer 2019

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