Ivorian Sonnet

Created by the poet and dear friend, the late Ivor Hogg, this perhaps my favourite of the many sonnet forms. The structure is progressive stanzas of pentameter or other consistent meter, set out as a sonnet as follows: a couplet (aa), a triplet (bcb), a quatrain (dede) and closed with a quintain (abcde in any order). This gives the following rhyme pattern(s)

aa bcb dede (abcde in any order)

It is the quintain that not only ties the sonnet together but also opens it up to 120 different variants. It has been my pleasure to write every variant, initially as challenged by the creator himself, and later as a tribute to a dear friend.

Example: To Sir, With Love by Jez Farmer

In silence, I stand in the forest glade
The rustling leaves where words have been mislaid
I heard your voice call out a poet’s heart
In little songs that speak only of love
I heard you call in words of finest art
All is quiet here in the glade today
I listen closer, wishing I could hear
Whisper dear, guide my pen along its way
And as I brush away another tear
I take my place beneath the leafy shade
And flick my pen so flowing ink can start
I look upon the treetops high above
My art for you has only this to say
I’ll keep your words alive forever, dear

In memory of Ivor Hogg, poet, creator of the Ivorian Sonnet form and a much-loved friend