For a Girl in a Book by Ben Jonson

Benjamin Jonson

Kim, composite of all my loves,
less real than most, more real than all;
of my making, all the good and
some of the bad, yet of yourself;
sole, unique, strong, alone,
whole, independent, one: yet mine
in that you cannot be unfaithful


Date: 1609
Poet: Ben Jonson
1572 – 1637

Benjamin Jonson was a poet, playwright, actor and literary critic. He exerted a lasting influence on English poetry and stage comedy with his artistry. Best known for his satirical plays he is regarded as the second most important playwright, only coming second to William Shakespeare. He was a classically educated, well-read and cultured man of the English Renaissance who courted controversy politically and artistically. His cultural influence is unparalleled throughout the Jacobean and Caroline eras.

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