Not So Good

Prompt: What are your worst traits?

Another of those not easy answer to questions and it certainly took more than five minutes to think it through as I was listing almost the same things as I had written down as my best traits. So I am going to go with that thinking.

I honestly like the fact I have a powerful sense of determination and go for what I want to achieve. However, there is a bad side to that in that I do become very single-minded and lock out other people. Not that I need other people to support me, those days are long gone. I think it is important in self-understanding that I am becoming aware that this trait I see as one of my core strengths is possibly also one of my weaknesses. It doesn’t make it less valuable to me, but it may make me more aware.

Patience, yes, again one of my strengths but I have become increasingly aware that I can be too laid-back and allow things I don’t like or don’t want to happen, happen. That is when it becomes a bad thing because it is me who ends up feeling out of the loop.

My independence is vital to me, but it is also where I am most self-isolating and turn my back on people. Whilst this is a good thing with toxic people, it is not so good with those who do give me a more positive outlook. I don’t pretend I need people as I have made it so I don’t, dependency is not a good place for me, and I know it. This is where want and need show their subtle difference. I want certain people in my life, but when that want becomes a need I know I have to change that. I need my independence more.

And tick tick five minutes up.

©JG Farmer 2019

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