Happy Anniversary

A cosy night in. Good wine, good food and hot sex. Is there any better way of celebrating your first anniversary?

Peter wasn’t every guys dream, but he was mine. From the start his dark sense of humour caught my attention, not to mention the long dark hair cascading over his shoulders and the deep brown eyes that investigated my soul.

In a matter of months we had found a flat and moved in together. That first night I discovered Peter’s dark mind was as active in the bedroom as it was outside. The strength of the man claiming me as we made love didn’t scare me, I loved him even more.

Don’t get me wrong, Peter could be gentle and sensitive when I needed him to but that wasn’t often. After our bedtime fun he would always hold me, checking I was okay and taking care of any accidental bruises and grazes.

Last night was no different until I struggled to breathe. Peter had noticed straight away. ‘Jack, what’s wrong baby?’

I knew he was looking into my eyes and I stared at the blurry brown of his before everything went dark. I could hear Peter and the other voices around me. ‘There is nothing we can do but wait.’

‘Jack, come back to me’ Peter said. I felt his hand holding mine or stroking my hair. I felt his head beside me as he cried. But deep in the coldness of the dark I could do nothing to say I’m ok.
Instead I let go, let myself fall into the darkness so I could stand beside Peter and in those silent moments I hope he heard me whisper his name.

©JG Farmer 2019

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