The Rondeau is a challenging refraining stanza form. It consists of three stanzas, a quintet, a quatrain and a sestet.

The first phrase of the first stanza sets the refrain, in fact the whole first line may be used if the poet so wishes.

The rhyme scheme is set as follows with R being the refrain

(Ra)abba aab(Ra) aabba(Ra)

True to the French style the meter is open to poetic choice.

Example Esbat Rondeau by Jez Farmer

My Mother moon, I pray to you,
Bless this night with your silver hue,
Reveal your light in words I say
And deeds I do along the way
I seek the path that leads me through.

I feel your love in all that’s true,
In lunar light, a clearer view,
To calmly soothe the darkest day,
My Mother Moon.

Giving thanks and blessings too,
For gentle love in which I grew,
And though I often walk astray,
I know you love me anyway,
As I return to be with you
My Mother Moon.

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