Mistaken Identity

Prompt: What is the best compliment you have received?

As a transgender man I spend a lot of time networking within the local community on behalf of the support group I organise. Before I had chest reconstruction surgery it was hard to hide my birth gender, not that I tried to. Even at the late stages of medical transition I am now at, I still say trans male or trans man.

However, recently I had a meeting and I went into that openly as a transgender person. It became evident the person I was meeting with was confused, so I asked them what the problem was. They simply said, ‘I expected you to come dressed as trans.’ They actually thought I was transitioning to female so assumed I was male. Well, I explained the situation, and they went into an overflow of apologising.

Given I have been going through major depressive and dysphoric feelings of late, the little mistake made my day. I said as much too. Simple things, or simple mistakes, are all it takes. So often we lose the little things searching for the big answers and I am grateful to that person for reminding me of that.

©JG Farmer 2019

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