Edge of Twilight 2 – The Masked Bandit


Reynard gave his permission to the Young Vixen but with one proviso – he did not care for nudity in advertising and she was to keep her modesty at all times.

The Young Vixen said she would comply, not that she had any intention of flashing her underbelly for all and sundry anyway. That afternoon, after her successful interview with Bel, the Young Vixen sat with the Old Fox, telling him everything. ‘and… and… I have my first contact tomorrow.’

‘Well done, my dear’ he smiled ‘now don’t let that grumpy dog fox of yours spoil it.’

A few weeks later after several successful contracts the Young Vixen was approached by a somewhat scruffy creature she had never met before. He was wearing a dirty gangster-style suit, and his shirt seemed to carry pomegranate stains – she could still see the pips.

His piercing eyes stared at her from behind his mask. ‘Hey kid, I see you are doing quite well for yourself, but I do wonder if you have a modelling licence?’

‘A licence?’ said the Young Vixen

‘Snappy Si makes everybody modelling on his turf carry a licence! Don’t you know that?’

‘Um… but… ‘ began the Young Vixen

‘Now don’t you worry, kid’ said the masked bandit, ‘let Rigby look after you. You can buy a licence off me and all will be okay.’

‘But I don’t work for Snappy Si’

‘Look, kid, you are modelling on his pitch, right. You buy a licence or…’

‘Or what?’

‘Or I will have to take it in fur, kid, your fur – you know what I mean?’

The creature laid a scruffy paw menacingly on the Young Vixen’s shoulder. ‘Such pretty red fur, it would be a shame to see any harm come to it, kid!’

He stroked her muzzle ‘and such a pretty face too’

Just then the Young Vixen spotted the Old Fox across the street and she waved at him. He crossed the road and by the time he had reached the Young Vixen the scruffy creature had gone.

‘Do you know who that was?’ the Old Fox said, ‘That was that dirty rogue Rigby Raccoon, no less.’

‘And just who is Rigby Racoon?’

‘He works for Snappy Si, you better watch yourself, Young Vixen. He has a nasty reputation. He used to work for Fearless Freddie the ferret in the dark woods. Freddie caught him with his dirty paws on one of his girls. Lucky for Rigby, Freddie was in a good mood as he had just beaten Larry the Labrador in a bar room brawl, so he only got a sound-slapping and told to leave the woods.’

‘Thanks for the warning. I shall certainly be keeping my eyes open from now on,’ said the Young Vixen.

The Young Vixen now found herself in a bit of a dilemma. If she told Reynard, Bel or the Old Fox what had happened, they would want her to stop modelling there and then. If she kept it secret then she would probably have to pay ‘licence’ money to Scrappy Si’s flunkey, or have her fur ripped apart. ‘Oh what do I do?’

©JG Farmer 2019

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