Edge of Twilight 3 – The Young Vixen’s Dilemma

The words of the Masked Bandit haunted the Young Vixen in the days following their confrontation. In normal circumstances she would have talked things out with the Old Fox, hoping he would have some gem of wisdom to help her. This time she was under no illusions, if she told the Old Fox what Rigby Raccoon had said to her, he would be insistent she gave up her new job.

Then a brilliant idea struck her. Vanda was keen to take up modelling and she knew Reynard would tag along to keep the mother of his cubs happy. Reynard wouldn’t be averse to parading in the haute couture jackets and waistcoats, either. The presence of Reynard would at least offer some security and act as a warning to that bandit.

Later that day the Young Vixen sent a message to Reynard and Vanda summoning them to an ‘urgent’ meeting. She included some details of the need for more models, especially a good-looking male one, at Bel’s Boutique. Of course, that played on Reynard’s vanity and he was instantly thrilled at the prospect.

‘I’d rather like to try out one of those new leather jackets,’ he said to Vanda, ‘and some of those really dark shades, too.’

The pair made their way to the bench where the Young Vixen was waiting. Vanda yelped excitedly informing her sister on Reynard’s desires. ‘… would suit him too, don’t you think?’

‘Oh yes, indeed, dear Vanda,’ she said, ‘he’s quite the sexy fox and could carry it off with ease.’

‘Oh come on you two,’ said Reynard with a fake embarrassment. Reynard didn’t doubt he was a good catch for any vixen.

‘I will talk to Bel tomorrow,’ said the Young Vixen, ‘she will be delighted.’

‘Well, that all went rather well, I must say’ said the Young Vixen as she made her way home.

‘What did?’ said Old Fox as he matched her stride beside her. ‘It wouldn’t have anything to do with Reynard looking overly pleased for himself would it?’

Omitting the reasons for her plan, the Young Vixen told him about her idea. ‘I must say, he did seem rather enthusiastic about it.’

Old Fox looked at his companion questioningly. ‘I know you, pretty Vixen, what are you up to?’

‘Oh, nothing.’

‘Right… okay,’ said the Old Fox, his disbelief more than evident in his tone.

©JG Farmer 2019

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