Somebody You Used to Know

Form: Free Verse

Sat on those old lockers
where we used to chat
before we grew up
sharing our secrets
I wish I had told you then

Hanging out
at the far end of the field
behind the ROSLA block, sneaking a smoke
ten JPS from the ice cream van
I could have told you then

We lived our lives
had kids
and I thought of you
and those days we left behind
how I wish I could have found you then

Then came Facebook
and I was deciding my future
I found your name
but didn’t know what to say
how could I tell you then?

I took a chance to transform
step forward into myself
and I looked at your name again
and reached out as a song played
hey, I am somebody you used to know

By the sea
years melted to nothing
as I hugged my best friend
and I should have known
I can tell you anything

And when it hurt too much
you stood by me
holding my hand with your beautiful eyes
I don’t remember much else
so now I am telling you I love you for doing that

You are the best friend
my best friend
nothing will change that
and I don’t doubt you will give me hell
for writing this
and I’m sure you will tell me so

© JG Farmer 2019

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