Alternating Sonnet 2

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet and quatrain
Rhyme Scheme: aab cddc ebe cddc

Example: The Hunt Part 2 by Jez Farmer

Nimble fingers trailing through your damp hair
And masculine lips tease your shoulders bare
The whispered intent of places I’ll kiss
To hear your litany of love in a sigh
For it is your song that makes this man whole
As with your sweet lips you caress his soul
Still I am the hunter wanting your cry
I kiss you in this paradox of love
Savouring the taste that’s finer than wine
Incite sensations that none dare speak of
For ours is the love that I can’t deny
And yours is the pleasure that is my goal
Come with me, my love, as in stars we stroll
Within the magic of a sensual high