Exotique by Soul Ballet

As part of a revamp in what and how I blog I am going to change how I do my free writes. There will now be two aspects to my free writing, the creative space and this one, the spiritual zone. In the Spiritual Zone I will share a very private and personal side of me, Raven (including at some point why I use that name), through writing, music and imagery.

So I start with music and Soul Ballet. As part of my spiritual life I practice tantric meditation. Tantric meditation is about making the self aware of the subtle and spiritual nature of the body and regard it as a condensed and intense divine light or vibration of sound, an energy of being. I use music to generate atmosphere and ambience and the work of Soul Ballet features a lot on that playlist.

Rick Kelly ‘RK’

Soul Ballet is a musical project of the multi-instrumentalist Rick Kelly ‘RK.’ The music is smooth contemporary jazz combined with electronica. A pulsating electronic beat and a dark, moody atmosphere give characteristics of the project’s sound.

Blessed be and may the old ones guide you well


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