Edge of Twilight 5 – The Photoshoot

The Young Vixen had managed to convince Bel to employ Vanda and Reynard. Bel had been unsure, but the Young Vixen had argued it would look more professional. In return she had promised to tempt the Old Fox into joining them too. ‘He’d would look so dapper in some of her more gentlemanly fashions,’ Bel had said.

So the Young Vixen found herself waiting on the bench for the Old Fox. He was unusually late, and when he finally arrived, he looked rather stressed. ‘Right, you are going to tell me everything,’ he said as he sat on the bench ‘just what the hell is going on round here?’

The Young Vixen looked at him, ‘I don’t know what you mean?’ she said.

‘I have just spent a rather unpleasant afternoon with that incompetent weasel of a police commissioner Williams.’ Old Fox said, ‘ wants to know what you and I are doing causing trouble in Woodland Trails.’ He looked at the vixen ‘c’mon, out with it.’

The Young Vixen gulped before speaking and still it all came out n a muddled gush of words ‘… he said he’ll tear my fur off me or worse if I don’t pay’ she concluded.

‘Oh, it would be worse if Si is involved, he is not nice to ladies, not nice at all’ said Old Fox, touching the Young Vixen’s paw. ‘Now don’t you worry; we just have to find a way to keep an eye on you and keep you safe.’

‘Ahh, that may be sorted for us,’ said the Vixen, ‘Bel is mad keen on you and wants you to model with me. It was the only way I could get her take on Reynard and Vanda was to promise to talk to you.’

‘Oh, good grief, but yes it would be a good cover I suppose,’ said the Old Fox.

So the next day, Old Fox found himself in a black leather jacket, jeans and thick dark shades, much to the disgust of Reynard who had been given shorts and a Hawaiian shirt to model while Vanda skipped beside him in a floral beach dress and a floppy hat. Old Fox was posed nonchalantly resting a back paw against a wall with a sophisticated looking Young Vixen.

Young Vixen looked at her friends and felt nervous and guilty. She didn’t want her friends getting hurt, especially the Old Fox.

‘It will be okay,’ the Old Fox whispered, ‘and best those two idiots don’t know what is going on.’ Of course, the sly Old Fox was right, the session went without a hitch and ended on a high with a photoshoot.

Afterwards as Old Fox and the Young Vixen walked to their bench Vanda came rushing up to them. ‘Oh that was fabulous,’ she said, ‘I can’t wait until next time. Bel is simply lovely; she’s not stuck up at all.’

‘Whoever said she was stuck up,’ said the Young Vixen
‘Reynard,’ said Vanda. ‘Sometimes I really don’t understand him.’

‘Where is your dog fox anyway,’ said the Old Fox.

‘I don’t know,’ said Vanda, ‘He said he had some business to deal with. Last I saw of him, he was heading for Snappy Si’s place.’

‘Interesting,’ said the Old Fox, ‘Now you ladies get yourselves home really quick and keep those cubs safe.’ And with that he turned and headed back into Woodland Trails.

©JG Farmer 2019

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