Amanda’s Dark Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or Iambic pentameter
Structure: Two septets with the first word of each septet being alliterative

Rhyme Scheme: Aabbcca Abbccdd

Example: Torture of Love by Jez Farmer

Time standing alone at the forest’s edge
Open at the breath of life on the ledge
Rare mystery hangs on the boughs of trees
‘Til melancholy takes over with ease
Used eyes cling to the floor of rain soaked moss
Random thinking no longer gives a toss
Errant heart lost a closed mind would allege
Tamper the promise of a lover’s pledge
Of a whisper echoed upon the breeze
Real promise or just another cold tease
More sweet words coated in shiny lip gloss
Excruciated heart in depths of loss
Near is the torture of sweet love divine
Tormented soul must yield and take the wine