Re-connecting with the Sacred Mother

Over recent years I let my spiritual connection between myself and Mother Earth drift. No excuses, it happens whatever path one walks. I don’t beat myself up over this, never have and never will. I am aware when the time comes, and I need to reconnect with my spiritual psyche and personal priesthood I will be guided back.

Over the winter break at the end of last year I felt that familiar guiding hand and entered, what a friend calls my monastic ways, of temple eating and daily meditation on the root connection between Mother Earth and my physical, spiritual and emotional self.

In these meditations I focus on my connection with the Earth, its strengths and, more importantly, its weaknesses. I seek the reasons for those weaknesses and how I can use my strengths to power the weaker points. What do I need to do to bring myself back? This isn’t a painless process, soul-searching never is.

In January I let go of all that was hurting me and holding me down, all those things I was allowing to block my connection to the Sacred Mother and like the good mother that she is she has been my rock of stability as I have rebuilt myself and now like any other wayward son I have come back stronger and wiser than before and my spirit is open to receiving the future and all that fate has in store for me.

Blessings of love and strength

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