The Edge of Twilight 8 – Old Fox Returns

It was late in the evening when the Old Fox returned. He entered Bel’s kitchen and was immediately hushed by Bel. ‘Let her sleep,’ Bel whispered, nodding her head towards the Young Vixen sleeping in the chair by the fire.

Old Fox shared a late supper with Bel, ‘Things are happening, Bel.’

‘It’s about time. Si and the Chief need to be brought to task.’

‘Yes, yes I know. Zuzu will come here tomorrow and we will all go and see Brach; we will need his help.’


‘Yes, wolves. Things have gone too far. Si must be stopped at all costs.’

‘Wolves, Old Fox, what is going on?’ The Young Vixen had woken.

‘How much did you hear?’

‘Nothing, just about wolves. Is this about Reynard? Where is he? Is he hurt?’

‘We don’t know, my dear. There are rumours he is with that Rigby on a job for Si. It is only rumours.’

The Young Vixen frowned and sat silently. Bel sat beside her resting a reassuring paw on the vixen. ‘He’s in with a bad lot, you know that,’ said Bel, ‘but we have hope still.’

‘Hope for what, wolves will tear him apart, won’t they?’

‘We are trying to avoid that,’ said the Old Fox. ‘But yes there is a risk of that, and we can’t be afraid to let that get in the way.’

‘Why? Can’t we just leave Si alone?’

‘No, that is not an option now. Si is planning some very nasty things for the folk of this town, and we can’t let it happen. My dear, it is a risk we have to take.’

The Young Vixen slumped back in the chair as her body began to shake with her sobbing. Bel gently held her young niece as she shooed Old Fox out into another room. ‘I will look after her and get her to rest. You too should rest.’

Old Fox prowled into the Boutique. As if a sentry on duty he took a position where he could see around him and stood watch. ‘Yeah, I am not getting any sleep tonight.’

©JG Farmer 2019

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