Teasing Rays of Sunshine

Prompt: What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?

The sunshine filters through the lace on to my pillow and on to my face. The warm gentle kiss of good morning urging me to wake up to a new day. And I turn my back to the light, I’m not ready to leave my dreams yet.

In dreams I can feel her kiss, warmer than the sun and nowhere near as gentle for her kiss is fired by passion. The passion that entices my senses, teasing me to stay asleep a bit longer. I feel the sun burning on my naked back or is it her fingers tormenting my skin. That familiar flush of desire flashes through me echoed by a deep growling groan from my throat as she kisses downward to my chest.

I feel her hair tickling over my skin as my nipple puckers between her teeth. Intensely erotic the pain of the bite and my eyes flick open to see her eyes; instead I am alone in the morning sunlight.

©JG Farmer 2019

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