Je t’Aime Til my Dying Day by Enigma

The music of Enigma is fantastic for generating ambience for meditation or spiritual dedication. For me, je t’aime til my dying day inspires a few thought processes for both spiritual and Tantric meditative experiences.

Spiritually I enjoy the freedom I have to question my gods about anything I need answers to. I am not restricted to blind belief from someone else’s words. The greatest of the universal powers is love and I love my gods, and even though I know in my soul they love me too, we all need to hear it or feel it sometimes. Spiritual love is sacred, and it requires a devout dedication even if it is simply saying thank you, I love you at the end of the day. However, during a dedicated meditative session it is a powerful, emotional, and beautiful love that flows between spirit beings, sometimes gently, sometimes more ferociously. The gods know how I need it at any given time.

This leads on to the more sensual Tantric meditations when I am safe to allow myself the other natural powers of love. The power of lust, the power of desire, the pain of heartbreak and the joy of sexuality. As is well known, Tantra can be a shared or a solo experience. One day maybe I will share it, but for now I will speak as a solo practitioner. To feel the very real presence of deity within me, around me and passing through me is magical and allows me to accept my whole being as one with the gods. There are many who call me out as wrong for the choices I make, but it is okay with my gods and that is all that matters.

Blessings of love and light

©JG Farmer 2019

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