Spirituality and Transitional Changes

The path of a Pagan is to open oneself to spiritual truth and not rely on blind faith. Paganism is to face life candidly and with an open heart and mind. Being curious about the world around us empowers us to see life with a heightened perspective and enable us to make tough and powerful decisions when life offers choices and to do so with a clear perspective.

When I began my Pagan journey, some 25 years ago, I thought I would find my spiritual answers in books, just as I had done as a Christian. Sure, some answers are in books, but most come from experience and living life. I wasn’t expecting it to take me where it has, and I am sure I am in for a few more surprises yet.

In those early days, the spiritual discovery was very much a transition from ingrained beliefs to seeing, experiencing and discovering the soul within and the spiritual beauty of the world. It was scary and still is at times. Facing self as spiritual whole within the universe is to say the least daunting. Casting a spell for the first time is nerve-wrecking, demanding from the universe should be, of course.

However, opening myself up to my own truth and to how I engage with the world around me was empowering. It allowed me to investigate myself and face the reality of who I am, eventually leading to another transitional journey of gender. That is something I would never have done before, as it didn’t meet with the dogma of what I had been told was truth.

I believe all life is of divine creation and therefore divine itself. As part of divinity what we are cannot be wrong, it is how the divine intended and part of the sacred learning of living life. We are born to love and be loved for who and what we are. Hating someone or self for being different is morally corrupt and goes against the divine beings we are.

In some ways, living a spiritual life is about distance from the socially corrupted world. Taking that step back allows me to see more clearly. It is not always a pretty picture of the world as the human world is far from being a pretty place. Human corruption and destruction are evident, and it is not okay. I can’t change the world, but I can change my place within it. That is all any one person can do.

©JG Farmer 2019

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