The Edge of Twilight – The Journey

The sun had barely risen above Woodland Trails when Bel and the Old Fox gently woke the sleeping Young Vixen. The elegant figure of Zuzu was sat in the parlour sipping tea and waiting.

The Young Vixen stared in awe at Zuzu. Like everyone else in Woodland trails she had only seen the seductive sex kitten persona of the Siamese cat that was the consort of Si. Now in the dimly lit parlour she still appeared elegantly feline, but she also looked like she was ready to take on the world and bring it to justice.

‘Brach will be at the forest clearing tonight,’ Zuzu said, in her soft purring voice which now carried a heavy serious undertone to it. ‘If we leave at lunch time, we will make it in good time.’

‘We will be ready,’ said the Old Fox.

The Young Vixen was impatient, ‘is there any news of Reynard?’

‘Not yet,’ said Zuzu sympathetically, ‘if anyone can find out it is Brach and his pack.’

Mid-afternoon found the three foxes and Zuzu making their way through the shadows of the forest that surrounded Woodland Trails. Zuzu or the Old Fox would drop back now and then to make sure they weren’t being followed by Si’s spies. Zuzu was confident that Si wouldn’t notice anything for a few hours or more, but they were cautious, nonetheless.

The Young Vixen was beginning to like the Siamese. ‘What did you do to Si?’ she asked.

‘He is far too easy to dope,’ said Zuzu, ‘his love of pizza will be his downfall.’

‘Yes, but what did you do?’

‘I laced his pizza with a whole load of catnip, he will be out of it for hours.’

‘By then we will be at the clearing?’

‘Yes, and Brach’s pack will be watching, we will be quite safe in their domain.’

‘I’ve never seen a wolf before, aren’t they dangerous?’

‘Yes, they are but Brach and his pack are part of the Forest Alliance.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Surely. Old fox has told you about the Alliance?’

‘No, he hasn’t, I am sure he hasn’t.’

Zuzu tusked. ‘I will tell him he needs to talk to you.’

The party continued walking, and Zuzu dropped back to walk with the Old Fox. It wasn’t long before he dashed forward to walk with the Young Vixen. ‘It seems I have been remiss, my dear.’

‘If you mean the Forest Alliance, yes dear Fox, you have.’

©JG Farmer 2019

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