Monday Night

Form: Epistle

My love, every night while I lie in my bed, I write a letter in mind to you. The silly things, the everyday things and the wittering of my heart. A thought of you revealed in a song on the radio, my passion that soared in my poetry and the thought of you laughing at my forgetful nature. All the things I would never put on paper as they are the whispers we share on our nights together.

I close my eyes but not to sleep. I am thinking of the last time. The last time we talked, the last time we kissed and the last time we made love. Making love in the humidity of a summer’s night, a humidity that had seemed so overbearing just moments before we kissed and then it seemed like even the summer heat didn’t dare intrude between us. And us, what about us, lost in the power of desire yet found in the passion we share. I can I sleep when I think like this.

I open my eyes again and stare into the darkness, a darkness without light but I can see light, I can see you, you are my light. No matter what we believe or don’t believe that light is the power of love and nothing has more power than love. I wonder if you see that light too, I sincerely hope you do. I want you to know the power of love, the power you have over me and I over you.

My eyes close again and I welcome the dreams as I whisper you name. I mind is drifting and I let it go safely into your dreams, my dreams. And then I feel you with me, lying beside me and sleep.

Sleep well my love

©JG Farmer 2019

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