Ethereal Attraction

Form: Quatrains

Another night alone in our bedroom,
memories of you lying ev’rywhere
Eyes red with tears, my senses in the gloom,
life without you leaves me full of despair.

Lying down to sleep in our love filled bed,
tiredness takes over, dreams float into mind.
Haunting visions drift to the time we were wed,
to the days of lust that our love did find.

Startled I can feel your tender embrace,
the taste of your kisses fresh on my lips.
Fingers caressing making my heart race,
the sensual weight of you above my hips.

Gone so fast, the briefest glimpse of you,
alarm sounds an unwilling mind awake.
My ethereal lover, my heart still true,
even death cannot eternal bonds break.

©JG Farmer 2008

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